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CGS Site Overview

An overview of the BYU QuikSCAT CGS Calibration/Validation Effort

The Calibration Ground Station Web site is organized into sections, each of which descibe a part of the BYU Calibration/Validation Effort.

Abstract - A summary of the BYU Cal/Val Effort

An Introduction to the Calibration Ground Station - An overview of the purpose, history, layout, and construction of the Calibration Ground Station as well as an overview of the NASA Winds program.

CGS and Instrument Operation - Specifications of the CGS, instrument, and model.

Procedures and Techniques used in Calibration - Detailed calibration analysis outlining algorithms and principles used to accomplish calibration goals.

Results Obtained - An outline of calibration results obtained from the CGS.

Publications of BYU CGS Data - A listing of all related CGS publications.

Future Work - Ideas that have yet to be implemented.

The CGS Team - The people that make it possible.

Links to Other Web Sites - Other sites with related information.