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YINSAR IMAGES - Flight I (27 March 2000), Logan, Utah

The BYU Synthetic Aperature Radar Systems

Each image is approximately 500-600kB; pixels are 1m in range (horizontal) and 2 m in azimuth (vertical)

See the note on YSAR image interpretation and naming.

Map data indicating where each file was collected, as well as various resolutions, can be found in the auto-generated web page.

Pass 1434 Pass 1437 Pass 1439 Pass 1440 Pass 1442 Pass 1444 Pass 1447 Pass 1449 Pass 1451 Pass 1453 Pass 1455 Pass 1457 Pass 1459 Pass 1501 Pass 1503 Pass 1504 Pass 1507 Pass 1511 Pass 1513 Pass 1518 Pass 1519 Pass 1521 Pass 1523 Pass 1525 Pass 1527 Pass 1529 Pass 1531 Pass 1534 Pass 1536

Pass 1538 (we think we recognzie the Logan temple halfway down this one)

Pass 1539 Pass 1543 Pass 1545 Pass 1547 Pass 1549 Pass 1551 Pass 1554

High Resolution Images

Here are some higher-resolution images, with pixels approximately 0.6m on each side. Note that SAR images are inherently grainy (the technical SAR term is speckle). The averaging involved in making the lower resolution images above decreases the graininess.

A pair of wheel lines (those long lines of sprinklers all connected, which move on a set of wheels) (147kB)

A nice view of a bend in the river (1.6MB)

A little neighborhood in Logan (1.1MB)

Another cute little neighborhood (1.6MB)

A marshy area of the river (the dark areas are water, and the light fuzz in the water is vegetation) (1.5MB)

We think this is Romney Stadium at USU (870kB)

This is the Logan temple and the area around it (1.5MB)

A rural area with a stream or canal running through it (853kB)